Whether you explore counseling, attend a retreat or set up crucial guardrails, your marriage will benefit from diving deeper into healing.

Find a Counselor

You don’t need to navigate difficult times alone. There are trained professionals who can guide you through whatever you are facing. During our restoration, we each had an individual counselor and we saw a marriage counselor together!

  • Ask your local church or marriage ministry for recommendation (for those local to Raleigh, North Carolina, you are welcome to contact us directly).
  • Go to the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) for a list of counselors in your area.
  • Ask trusted friends for a recommendation.  (More people have been to a marriage counselor than you think! Don’t be shy, ask for help.)

Attend a Marriage Retreat or Set Guardrails

Below you’ll find:

  • Marriage retreats and intensives, varying in cost and location
  • Coaching opportunities and events
  • Tools to assist you in setting guardrails for your marriage


Unexpected Crisis


We’re here for you, friends. Feel free to reach out for prayer, direction or encouragement.