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Guiding marriages divided by infidelity to journey from hurt to hope

Did the unthinkable just happen in your marriage?

You are not alone! We’ve been there.

You can start healing your marriage today.

We’re Steve & Lisa and we can help you save your marriage.

We remember thinking this could never happen to us. But an affair nearly broke us. We’ve lived it first hand, so we get it.

Skip ahead to today and guess what? We’ve discovered the absolute best way to heal. Our marriage is not only restored and thriving, but you know what? Over 90% of the couples we help say the same thing.

We believe your marriage is worth saving and we’re here to be your guides.

You are not alone in this journey!


Where are you stuck?


"I need to confess my affair."

Have you been unfaithful to your spouse, but you’re afraid to confess? Are you afraid of the consequences of fessing up? Do you worry that your spouse will not forgive you?


If you have yet to confess an infidelity and need guidance on how to do it, download this free confession guide providing key points to prepare you to shed light on your infidelity.


"I just found out. What now?"

Have you discovered that your spouse has been unfaithful? Are you overwhelmed with grief and confusion? Do you question everything–including how your marriage could possibly survive this?


You are not alone. Download our free e-book to use as a resource to receive guidance and wisdom on how to navigate the discovery of infidelity.



"I feel like I'm doing this alone."

When a marriage is broken, it is oftentimes one spouse that is fighting for reconciliation and healing more than the other. Is that you? Do you wonder how you will have the strength to hang on?


Download this free guide for practical tips and biblical wisdom on how to continue fighting for your marriage even when your spouse isn’t.


What You Can Expect

Personal Connection

Discover how we, a real couple, journeyed through infidelity, just like you. We understand your pain, and our story will make you feel like you're talking to friends who've been there, offering a lifeline of understanding.

Practical Steps to Rebuild Trust

Gain access to our tried and true strategies for rebuilding trust, communication, and emotional connection. We share practical steps that worked for us, giving you a roadmap to navigate the turbulence and find your way back to each other.

Renewed Hope for a Better Future

Let our story inspire you. Discover that there is hope, even after infidelity. We'll guide you towards a brighter tomorrow, where your marriage not only survives but thrives. Rekindle the love and start a new chapter together.


The Path to Stay

Step 1: Begin Your Journey to Healing

Order the book and embark on a deeply personal journey with us. Discover how our story can guide you through infidelity and healing, showing you the way to rebuild your marriage.

Step 2: Access Your Free Companion Guide

After purchasing the book, don’t forget to download your complimentary “The Journey to Stay Guide.” It’s packed with practical tools and insights to support your marriage’s recovery journey.

Step 3: Stay Connected for Ongoing Support

Join our community for continued guidance. Subscribe now to receive valuable updates and marriage coaching availability. Let’s walk this path together toward a thriving marriage.

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What our readers have to say...

“This book offers empathy and guidance for any couple longing for a way forward after betrayal.”


Jonathan Daugherty

Founder - Be Broken Ministries

“It’s the perfect blend of transparent storytelling and a clear mapping of the path through betrayal.”


Brandon Coombs

Christian Life Coach, CCAR

“We’re still married because Side By Side gave us the guidance to journey from hurt to hope.”


Tyler & Ashley

Columbus, OH