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How I Helped My Husband Get Over His Girlfriend

How I Helped My Husband Get Over His Girlfriend Comforting The One Who Hurt You How I helped my husband get over his girlfriend.  Sigh.  Even after several years, I still can’t believe I was the one most capable of comforting the very person who hurt me most.  If I

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Will confession free you?

Is Confession Necessary?

Is Confession Necessary? A Real-Life Example of Whether Confession Helps or Hinders   After months of living a double life, Dan’s wife discovered he was having an affair. In fact, he was caught red-handed. To his surprise, he was relieved to be caught.  In fact, he was tired of lying and

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A Fresh Start: Is it even possible after infidelity?

A Fresh Start  Is It Even Possible After Infidelity?   A brand-new year is typically an opportunity for a fresh start. Most people look forward to cleaning the slate and making a fresh start with new goals and plans for the future. But, what about those of us whose past

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Is Porn Cheating?

Is Porn Cheating?   The question of whether or not pornography use is cheating on a spouse has been debated for years.  When serving marriages divided by infidelity, we are asked this question frequently: Is porn cheating?   Our aim in writing this article is to give you our answer,

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Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?     You’ve probably heard this statement several times. ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.’ But is it true?   Today, I am going to give you our thoughts on this statement, and it might not be what you expect.   Infidelity nearly broke

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Drastic Measures: Building Trust After The Affair

Drastic Measures: Building Trust After The Affair A Guest Post by Steve, one who knows Are drastic measures really necessary for building trust after the affair?  Short answer? Yes.  Long answer? Yes. Standing in line at Panera, I snapped a photo on my phone and texted it to my wife.

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How do I forgive?

Love, the Antidote to Unforgiveness.

Love, the Antidote to Unforgiveness. You may be saying to yourself, “How can I ever forgive?”  Love, the antidote to unforgiveness, is the furthest thing from your mind. You might be in a situation that seems unforgivable.  You may have experienced something so heinous, no one would ever expect you

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These Are The Ones: Hope for a Hurting Marriage

Hope for a Hurting Marriage

These Are The Ones Hope for a Hurting Marriage Have you wondered how one finds hope for a hurting marriage?  I walked out of the auditorium doors just as one of our Easter services ended.  Throngs of people streamed out shortly thereafter, with my husband just behind them.  This was

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I Give Up.

I give up.  I can’t do this anymore.  I am done. Have you ever said any of those words?  Or words similar?  Life is hard and it sometimes presents us with situations that seem impossible. Completely impossible.  They are the kind of situations where you look at it from the

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