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The Pause: Can a hard stop become the best start?

The Pause: Can a Hard Stop Be Your Best Start?

When faced with a challenge, is it possible a hard stop can be your best start? Could the pause be the answer? I stood completely still, nearly frozen in place, feet glued to the floor. My eyes were wide, staring into the unknown, while my tensed arms, bent at the elbow, stretched out as if […]

A Fresh Start: Is it even possible after infidelity?

A brand-new year is typically an opportunity for a fresh start. Most people look forward to cleaning the slate and making a fresh start with new goals and plans for the future. But, what about those of us whose past year included broken trust, betrayal, and infidelity? Is it even possible to start fresh after […]

I Give Up.

I give up.  I can’t do this anymore.  I am done. Have you ever said any of those words?  Or words similar?  Life is hard and it sometimes presents us with situations that seem impossible. Completely impossible.  They are the kind of situations where you look at it from the inside or the outside and […]